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Boneprox provides services and products based on AI, machine learning and secure and efficient communication to the dental and health sector. Enabling clinics, dentists and doctors to become more efficient in sending, receiving, analyzing and diagnosing images and patients. In addition to this, Boneprox invests heavily in R&D and A.I to improve and streamline daily diagnostics as well as connect dental care and healthcare by finding patients at risk for systemic diseases based on dental X-ray images.

Boneprox A.I

A digital specialist clinic with over 800 clinics and 29 specialists in 13 areas. The platform makes it possible to send digital consultation referrals and questions to our connected specialists, with quick responses. Our connected specialists and A.I are available to the clinic every day. With Konekta, our specialists are available as an extra resource and complement for the therapist when you need guidance from the right expertise. Today, it can take up to 15 months to get help from a specialist – Konekta gives an answer the same day.


We offer several different course packages, physical and digital. KonektED is a platform where the clinic gets access to educational materials and courses to maintain ongoing competence development at the clinic. In KonektED you will find physical and digital courses in dentistry, radiation safety, radiology and administration. The platform has been developed by Boneprox, which today offers the diagnostic platform and the specialist network, Konekta.


Pressreleases / News

8th of May 2023

Sigurd Svalestad recruited as Medical Director

11th of April 2023

Konekta breaks records in growth

16th of March 2023

66 Innovative Medical Imaging Companies to Follow in 2023

18th of January 2023

Boneprox enters into an agreement with Åland Hospital

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