Now, launching Konekta – your digital specialist clinic.

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Through innovation, technology and research, we prepare dental care for the digital future.

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Our services and projects

Konekt your clinic with a leading specialist

Konekta is a digital service where clinics, dentists and specialists meet and work together. The platform is developed for and by dental professional together with Boneprox in order to increase the availability of specialist competence and safe communication between colleagues within the dental industry.

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A digital course platform for dental professionals

We proudly present some of Sweden’s most knowledgeable accredited specialists and lecturers within odontology through our digital learning platform.

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Boneprox – Research and development (AI)

Boneprox invests heavily in research and development (R&D). Our goal is to increase the quality of health and dental services through the development of better collaboration platforms and use of advanced image analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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From innovation to reality

Boneprox gives you access to leading dental experts and knowledge on a secure and user friendly platform. In tight collaboration with healthcare providers, we make sure all needs are covered, for patients, clinics and specialists.


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