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Our story

Dentist Kjell Kärrbrink discovered that it was possible to analyze x-rays of the jawbone to determine if a person was at risk for osteoporosis or not and thus help prevent one of our major public diseases.

At the age of 70, he decided it was time to commercialize his patent. The assignment was passed on to his grandson, Anton and the brothers Peder and Theodor Remman. The team behind Boneprox has found a way to bridge the gap between health and dental care by making dentists an important complement to the early diagnosis of common diseases. With their plug-in solutions, integrated with already existing dental x-ray systems, the company is a scalable company with huge potential.

In addition to the osteoporosis analyses, Boneprox has evolved into being the “digitization-frontrunner” within the industry. With our Saas-platform, Konekta, dentists get access to specialists. This solution supports an immediate resource of diagnosis and treatment for other diseases, such as oral cancer. With our digital dental course platform, Tandakademin, we help the dental industry to keep up the competence development and thereby understand the advantages of digital healthcare/dental care.

Boneprox mission is to provide services and products based on AI, machine learning and secure and efficient communication to the dentist- and health sector enabling clinics, dentists and medical doctors to become more efficient in sending, receiving and analyze x-ray medical images.


Peder Remman


Anton Kärrbrink


Theodor Remman