A sunshine story in these Covid-19 times

In November 2018, Marga woke up next to her husband with a migraine that radiated down the entire right side of her face and down to her neck. After a few weeks and no improvement, she contacted her doctor. The doctor sent Marga to the hospital and CT images of her head were taken. Here they found nothing to indicate anything serious. After another 6 months of pain, Marga had enough and went home to Poland to talk to some specialists at the hospital. Several pictures were taken, but the conclusion was that it was most likely migraine. Marga has now endured great pains for almost a year and a half. When she comes home from work, she is usually completely exhausted and goes to bed immediately.

In April 2020, Marga came into contact with Boneprox, who told them that they analyze dental x-rays and clinical images and that they receive a lot of requests that Marga just described. With Boneprox Dental Tech-platform with odontological specialists, they analyzed the radiographs and after only a few hours Marga sat at one of Boneprox’s affiliated clinics in Oslo, Dentist Klette. Here, the dentist chose to remove a retained tooth after consulting Boneprox affiliated specialists.

Now the headaches have disappeared and Marga can continue her everyday life as usual!

After a few days we received some nice messages from Marga!

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