Boneprox at Life Tech in Gothenburg


Boneprox was pleased to attend and present at Life Tech Gothenburg, which is an event for business angels, investors and selected life science companies, primarily in the Healthtech and Medtech segments. The event is to inspire and meet exciting life science companies and create discussions between investors and entrepreneurs in the early stages.

Initial inspiration this time was Ilma Caprnja, medical student and lecturer since she was 14, most recently as TEDx speaker at the Concert Hall on February 18th. Ilma wanted to change the current view of fear, vulnerability and failure to dare to challenge herself and not be afraid of being lost but also to learn from others!

Sahlgrenska Science Park and Connect Region West provided a fantastic evening in the heart of the life science cluster in West Sweden, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Biotech Center and was supported by Chalmers Ventures, GU Ventures and AstraZeneca BioVentureHub.

Selected companies were:

Boneprox an AI company with a patented software that analyzes the bone quality and the risk of osteoporosis based on a regular dental X-ray.

GOOZO™ shows, through new technology and research in real time, which staff activities are the most optimal at each current situation at both organization, team and individual level.

Ten Medical Design (10MD) develops an ergonomic alternative to today’s lead-heavy X-ray aprons that are used in healthcare.

SleepCure is an app-based sleep aid that analyzes and coaches people for better sleep and higher quality of sleep.

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