Boneprox – one of three finalists in the eHealth Award 2019


Healthtech is one of the hottest industries right now and 35 companies have applied for this year’s eHealth Award edition. Three finalists are now competing for the first place with innovations around early detection of osteoporosis, previous diabetes care and needs and individualized care for chronic diseases.

It has been incredibly fun to see so many applications for the eHealth Award. The three finalists have innovative solutions that make a real difference and it will be exciting to follow them.

– Charlotta Gummeson, CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park and jury member of the eHealth Award.

It is now the third year that HealthTech Nordic, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Vitalis and Cerner carry out the eHealth Award initiative. The goal is to pay attention to digital innovations in health that exist in Sweden today, as they can contribute to more efficient and safe care processes as well as more committed patients.

Earlier and better care
Common to the three finalists is that they put the patient in focus. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), they contribute to solving extensive global problems

Osteoporosis affects 50 % of all women and 25 % of men, but this can be detected and prevented in a timely manner through a regular dental X-ray. Almost half of Sweden’s population has at least one chronic disease. Two of the finalists’ solutions focus on this large group of patients through modern technology.

This year’s finalists:

– Boneprox

– Cross Technology Solutions

– EASY-Diabetes

The winner will be presented during the opening ceremony of Vitalis, the largest eHealth meeting in the Nordic countries, in Gothenburg on May 21.

Read the full article at Cerner: Stort patientfokus hos finalisterna i eHealth Award

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