Boneprox is proud to announce that we are partnering with Sweden’s most trusted dental care website,

The collaboration means that we can offer clinics to send referrals to specialists in oral medicine, radiology and periodontology via a fast and GDPR-secure platform. The specialists can be reached directly from the Internetodontologi´s website, and we intend to activate more specialist areas shortly.

– We see today that the waiting lines for contact with specialists in the dental industry are long, sometimes up to 6 months. Using what is called “teledentistry”, we increase the availability of specialists, which will reduce queues by sorting out which patients need to be treated at a specialist clinic or not. This can help reduce the long queues in big cities, but also reduce travels and increase access in rural areas, says Peder Remman, Boneprox CEO.

Today we see a large digital development of health services in general, with companies such as Kry and, but this has not yet been implemented in dental care. Clinicians who connect to this service can to a greater extent keep their patients in their own clinic while ensuring the quality of their treatments effectively.

– Sometimes the dentist is met by cases where you want to get a “second opinion” from a a specialist, since you can in many cases treat the patient yourself with the right guidance. Unfortunately, this is often done by sending patient information through unsafe and ineffective channels (e-mail, mail and other cloud platforms) or simply by sending the physical patient to another specialist clinic to take care of the matter, Peder Remman continues.

The service offered by Boneprox and Internetodontologi allows dental clinics to provide the patient with a quality-assured response with extremely short response times, with the benefit of avoiding unnecessary waiting.

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