Project Description

Boneprox is a good example of new technology being easy!

At Dentist Klette & Co. in central Oslo, you as a patient are in focus. With a strong focus on communication, understanding and collaboration between the therapist and the patient, the clinic achieves exactly what you want when you visit the dentist, namely safety. Sometimes, no treatment is the best option. Regardless of treatment, the clinic guarantees that the patient has a treatment plan regardless of what needs to be done. That way you as a patient do not have to be surprised on the road, as what you see is what you get.

At the clinic, we naturally work to provide the best for our patients. With the help of new technology such as Boneprox, we can offer our patients faster treatment in a safe way, since we can communicate directly with Boneprox specialists.

At Dentist Klette & CO, we are also aware of developments in the industry. Every day new progress is made and whether it is new treatment methods, instruments or technology, the clinic shows that they are up to date and eager to offer the patient the best treatment possible every day. Sometimes, the clinic is just a few steps ahead of its industry colleagues by, among other things, offering bone density analysis through artificial intelligence to find patients at risk for fractures caused by osteoporosis.

The clinic can also offer the most effective and accurate diagnostics with a short distance to specialists in the area. With a cloud-based platform from Boneprox, they can communicate directly with most types of specialists and give the patient a fast and secure diagnosis without the patient having to be sent to long queues for specialist consultation.

Response times are short and the patient therefore does not suffer from long response times or queues. As a dentist, you may be intimidated by the technical progress being made, but Boneprox is a good example of new technology being easy!