Project Description

Dentist Tore Karlsen

In the heart of Fredrikstad you will find one of Norway’s most modern clinics, the Privattannlegene.

With a strong focus on the entire patient, the staff sees that good oral health not only impacts on a well-functioning set of teeth and a nice smile, but also on the general health condition. As there is a close relationship between the development of diseases of the mouth and jaw, and subsequent diseases elsewhere in the body, the staff is very concerned with preventing disease progression in the oral cavity and attaches great importance to the preventive treatment. This treatment is customized to the individual, based on your needs, and intends to maintain your oral health for a life-long course. An important contribution to this is their good dental secretaries who show care and presence, with a large dose of good mood.

Our clinic offers modern technology and innovative solutions and therefore Boneprox is a perfect partner for us. They satisfy our demands to the highest degree.


Private dentists invest a lot of time and resources in continuous training and continuing education, which is evident in their knowledgeable and skilled staff and dentists. At the clinic you will therefore meet the latest in materials and equipment in addition to a dedicated and competent staff. Among other things, Privattannlegene have now adopted Boneprox, which makes it easier and faster to communicate directly with specialists in radiology and oral pathology.

With the help of Boneprox we receive very good epicrices on our CBCT surveys. These are very precise, comprehensive and the response time is outstanding!

With Boneprox, patients do not have to be sent to specialists with long waiting lines. Boneprox is a portal for dentists where you can send images (CBCT, panoramic, clinical and intraoral images) for quick and safe consultations. In the portal, Privattannlegene can also measure the risk of osteoporosis based on regular dental x-rays.


Boneprox offers an innovative and unique solution for a secure and efficient way of transferring large files such as CBCT’s. We have previously tried several different options to transfer such volumes, but none can compare with the Boneprox portal. This takes care of all considerations and works 100%!

Are you looking for a dentist you can be count on? Welcome to a proper and good treatment for your needs at the Privattannlegene in Fredrikstad!