Project Description

Kungskliniken i Varberg

How was it to get started with the portal?

It was really easy to get started with the portal. A few simple steps and a phone call to the “support” (which was part of the “process”). Otherwise, there has been fast and very helpful support when we have had various concerns and questions.

How has the portal changed the way you work around CBCT today?

The actual picture taking (CBCT) is the same as before. But it has simplified the process of sending the pictures and referrals considerably. Through a few clicks everything is sent and we do not need to open up several different programs as we did before.

Has the portal affected how you work against your patients?

Uploading photos or different types of x-ray images in the program is extremely smooth and it is a fantastic service to get in touch with a specialist for consultation in a safe and patient-safe manner.

– Malin Diding