Project Description


How does your patients react when you offer them an analysis?

It has become very popular and the reactions from the patients after a conducted analysis are really positive!

To whom do you offer a bone density analysis?

I always offer patients over 50 years the opportunity to check their risk of osteoporosis, but I have also performed an analysis on 40 years old patients. Since the radiography is already taken, I see no reason not do it, and I will also get an indication if they are on their way of getting osteoporosis.

How does the service contribute to you as a dentist?

As a dentist I see it as an opportunity to provide my patients with an extra service that does not require much time, but also a way of secure that my patients are healthy. With the help of this method, I can keep my patients safe from harm and injuries and at the same time create an added value for the patients that visit my clinic.

– Magnus Fritzell
Dental Clinic Sundtandvården