Project Description

Trobergs Dental Care

– What are your thoughts on analyzing risk of diseases such as osteoporosis at the dentist?

The dentist is regularly visited by the vast majority, so if you want to screen different health-related issues, the dentist is the perfect instance for this particular.

– Who at your clinic performs the risk analyzes?

When it comes to osteoporosis: the dentist

– How can Boneprox change the way you work today with regard to diagnostics at Panorama, CBCT, clinical images for mucosal changes and osteoporosis?

It can give us an efficient and easy way to get an experts opinion on our clinical images as well as a new service for our patients when it comes to bone density analyzes based on common dental X-rays.

– Do you have other thoughts you want to share with us?

The law on radiation protection and the use of radiation recommends that as much information as possible should be read from every x-ray, so it feels good to be able to offer osteoporosis analyzes on x-rays that are already taken.

– Peter Troberg