Discovered her osteoporosis at the dentist

Lena discovered her osteoporosis at the dentist without knowing she suffered from the disease. This is one of several wonderful patient stories we have from our dental clinics. We conducted an interview to hear more about her experience.

How has the answer affected you?

I had no idea that my values ​​were so low. I had a wrist fracture a few years ago, but the cause of the fracture was never examined. By discovering the disease, I now have the opportunity to continue my active lifestyle.

How did you find out that you could do a bone density test at your dentist?

When I was with my dental hygienist, she asked if I was interested in my usual dental radiograph being analyzed to see if I was at risk of osteoporosis.

 How did you go after you got the answer?

I got a referral to a doctor for a DEXA measurement from my dentist. Then I met a doctor and got medication with calcium supplements and now get one tablet every week. I also go on checks on a regular basis.

How do you look at the fact that dentists can see if you are at risk for the disease?

Very good! Hadn’t my dental hygienist said anything, I could have had more bone fractures. I am very glad this was discovered!

Before you went to the dentist, osteoporosis was something you were worried about?

No, not at all.

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