Panorama X-ray – good, but difficult to interpret


Panoramic radiography has been around for the past 50 years. Today, panoramic x-rays are very common and are used for a broad diagnostic spectrum. Panoramic X-ray provides a good overview of teeth and jaws, but the images are complicated and difficult to interpret.

 Panorama X-ray images provide much information, but they are difficult to interpret. I still think that, even though I have been a radiologist since 1988. You have to be familiar with the imaging principles, normal anatomy and which artifacts can arise in order to use the pictures in their diagnostics, ”says Christina Lindh, professor of odontological X-ray diagnostics at Malmö University.

The panoramic X-ray image is a good pedagogically image that you can show the patient. Based on the panoramic X-ray image, one can then, together with the clinical examination, determine which additional X-ray images need to be taken to obtain more detailed information.

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