Signs of oral cancer

The dental care meets the majority of the population regularly and Scandinavia is one of the few areas that has a tradition of clinical audit. This makes dental care the perfect place for diagnosing / detecting cancer. Oral malignancies may have different appearance, making it important to know which clinical signs that should be perceived as warning signs.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for oral cancer is generally worse than other forms of cancer. The treatment can also lead to adverse effects for the patients in the form of mucosal disorders, defects, dry mouth and other defects.

The most important factor for reduced mortality and morbidity is to detect the warning signs at an early stage.


  • Paresthesia / anesthesia
  • Biting in the mucosa
  • Ill-fitting prostheses
  • Bleeding areas
  • Restrictions on movement, eg of tongue
  • Color Changes
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Discomfort / pain
  • New tissue formation

Every symptom above should be assessed and consulted with a specialist for treatment in case of uncertainty.

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