The dental clinic that works for better public health

At Team Gladan at Sundtandvården in Stenungsund you will find one of Sweden’s most innovative and health-promoting dental teams led by Magnus Fritzell. For this team, the concept of “dental care” is so much more than just dental diseases and caries.
Since many of the general diseases can also be affected by oral health (osteoporosis, diabetes, certain heart problems, etc.), general health is also included in their efforts. A very important part of this work lays in preventative care with control of hygiene, bacterial testing, fluoride treatment and more.

Most patients go to dental care on a regular basis, which makes it so appropriate to include preventive care both in terms of oral health and public health. For many years, Team Gladan, has been very active with osteoporosis measurements based on regular dental x-rays to find risk patients and potentially prevent fractures from happening. With the integration of innovative systems from Boneprox, Team Gladan at Sundtandvården delivers fast and high quality analyzes in terms of mucosal changes as well as pathological findings in CBCT and Panoramic images.

As a dentist, I see it as an opportunity to perform an extra service that does not require much of our time, but which provides great added value for our patients. Our philosophy is to help our patients with what we can in order to maintain a good general health.

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