The dental clinic with everything, and a little more…


In Varberg’s city center – right on the square, you find Kungskliniken located in Varberg’s most beautiful stone properties (actually nominated in 2001).
With a modernly equipped and fully digitized clinic, one has taken advantage of the old details and combined it with new, which has resulted in a lovely atmosphere for both patients and staff.

But it is not just a fine interior that meets the patient, with well-tried methods and materials and an endeavor to constantly develop their competence and skills, Kungskliniken gives their patients the highest quality care, with great personal care.

Kungskliniken basically offers all kinds of advanced dental care at the clinic without having to send the patient to another dentist in any other city.

From March 1, 2013, Kungskliniken as the only clinic in Varberg has been able to offer the patient the most advanced technology within the x-ray available, namely CBCT, which takes 3-dimensional X-ray images of the head. It depicts the desired area in the jaws in 3D, which means that you can make a very accurate diagnosis and plan well before a surgical procedure. Everything is done digitally, which means that the radiation dose is considerably lower than in traditional X-rays.

Thanks to this fantastic machine at the clinic, you do not need to be referred as a patient to Halmstad or Gothenburg, which was previously necessary. This means that the treatment time for certain procedures is shortened considerably.

The clinic is also connected to the Boneprox X-ray portal since 2018, which gives the market’s shortest path between clinic and specialist, meaning short response times with high quality.

Uploading photos or different types of x-ray images in the program is extremely smooth and it is a terrific service to easily get in touch with a specialist for consultation in a safe and patient-secure manner.

– Malin Diding at Kungskliniken

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