The mouth is a mirror of the body


“The mouth is a mirror of the body” was a slogan that is highly current today. Today we know that we can detect early signs on a number of our most common people diseases, eg. osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and respiratory diseases only based on the images taken at the clinic.

The preventive dental health care occupies an important position in general health work, which makes the visits and controls of the dentist and the dental hygienist extremely important. In dentistry, a lot of research has been done on bone quality in the jaws over the years. In general, dentists have a high level of expertise and a good habit of assessing the bone structure of X-ray images, both intraoral and panoramic images. In a large European study, “Osteodent”, funded by the EU, the connection between the bone structure in the jaws and the BMD value in the hip and vertebra was clearly demonstrated.

Based on data from the Osteodent study and in collaboration with the Odontological Faculty at Malmö University and Boneprox, a software and a method have been developed, in which a dentist on a digital x-ray image of the lower jaw’s premolar area can automatically evaluate the trabecular structure in an ROI. With this as a basis and together with questions from the history of previous fragility fracture, heredity and medication, the patient can get a an analysis if she / he is at risk for fracture caused by osteoporosis.

Why risk assessment based on dental X-rays?
– The patient benefit is very high
– A simple method in the clinical everyday life
– Provides added value to the clinics that offer the possibility
– Can prevent unnecessary and serious patient suffering
– Can give enormous socio-economic benefits

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