Boneprox receives 11 million to invest in dental research

The image analysis and tech company Boneprox has been awarded NOK 11 million and thus become one of the largest dental research projects in the world using AI (artificial intelligence).

Boneprox analyzes X-ray images using artificial intelligence. The company has now received NOK 11 million from the Research Council of Norway to run one of the world’s largest research projects in dental health using AI (artificial intelligence). Boneprox has brought with it heavy partners such as SINTEF and the Center for Oral Health Services and Research to detect abnormalities as early as possible on x-rays. The data to be used is from HUNT4 (Health Survey in Trøndelag) and is one of the world’s largest and most successful health studies in the world. The project «AI-Dentify» is already underway and will last for the next 4 years.

“The incidence of oral diseases, mainly dental caries and periodontitis, are increasing all over the world, which results in serious health and economic consequences, and reduces the quality of life for those affected.” In addition, we have the Covid-19 pandemic on top of it all,” says Theodor Remman (co-founder of Boneprox) referring to a new study “Journal of Clinical Periodontology” published by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).

 “There is no reason why Norway should not be at the forefront of AI and dental health in the world. We are therefore proud and very grateful that the Research Council of Norway shares our vision. Boneprox wants to connect the health sectors so that oral health in the future becomes part of the body,” Remman concludes.

Boneprox also recently raised external capital to continue the growth internationally together with BioGaia and BackingMinds.

More information from the Research Council of Norway: AI-Dentify – Vurdering av orale sykdommer ved bruk av røntgenbilder og kunstig intelligens

Feel free to contact Theodor Remman for more information,

+47 480 527 58

Boneprox was founded in 2013 by Anton Kärrbrink, Peder Remman and Theodor Remman. Boneprox is the first of its kind to connect dental care to healthcare through preventive methods to improve general public health based on dental X-rays.

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