AI-based automatic classification of dental x-rays
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  1. Bone Density Analysis

    With Boneprox patented bone density control, you can upload a regular intraoral x-ray of the lower jaw to see if your patients are at risk of having osteoporosis

  2. Consultation for Dental X-rays

    In the "Specialist Service" you can send consultations for CBCT, Panorama and IO to our connected radiologists

  3. Oral Mucosal Changes

    Here you can send clinical images for consultation regarding oral mucosal changes

Customer experience

Uploading photos or different types of x-ray images in the program is extremely smooth and it is a fantastic service to get in touch with a specialist for consultation in a safe and patient-safe manner.

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Boneprox analysis tool is a patented method that analyzes the bone quality and risk of osteoporosis. The method is based on image processing algorithms used on a digital dental x-ray. In the X-ray, an area, in the mandible premolar area, is marked to measure the density of the trabecular architecture.


The method has been developed in cooperation with the The Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University and is based on the EU-funded research project, the "Osteodent Study". The method is developed continuously with researchers and experts in both odontology and artificial intelligence.