1. Log in

To log in, either go to portal.boneprox.com or through our website, boneprox.com.

When you get to the login page, type in your credentials together with your two-factor authentication key (outside Scandinavia) to verify your identity. If you log in for the first time, you simply fill in your clinic´s billing information, and then accept the personal data processing agreement in the portal – this is to ensure that we process the patient’s data in accordance with the existing legislation.

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2. Upload referral

Once logged in, you can easily select which specialist area you wish to consult and then upload the image (or multiple images if desired) along with the patient reference and question to be sent to the specialist. To submit an image for bone density analysis, upload a periapical (or standing bitewing with clear image on the lower jaw) and answer the 3 risk questions in the portal. The dentist does not make a diagnosis or treatment proposal, but only takes a position on the basis of the x-ray and 3 anamnestic questions.

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3. Receive answer

When the specialist has analyzed the referral, he / she answers the question in detail in the portal and you get a notice on email that the analysis is ready. You usually get the answer the same day and you can easily download the answer as a PDF or copy the information directly to the clinic’s medical record system. When it comes to bone density analysis, the submitted image is analyzed in real time with the help of image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence, which means that you get answers in just a few seconds. The answer contains an overview of risk level as well as information to the patient regarding the method used, what the risk level means and scientific background.